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Easy access for our towing vehicle and stage en route and at the venue is paramount. Please ensure that routes are clear and suitable for our vehicles. Please take into account weather conditions, road surfaces, parked cars, tight turns, steep inclines, low branches, and obstacles and all entrances and exits ensuring they are not less than 3 meters in width. Please allow access for a vehicle with the following measurements - total length of our towing vehicle with the stage attached is 11 meters and its maximum height is 4 meters and maximum width is 3 meters. The total weight of our towing vehicle and stage is 6 tonnes. We are happy to make a pre event site visit if you have any concerns that are charged at an hourly rate plus travel costs.

The stage is delivered and set up by trained stage crew. The stage is manufactured to meet all European safety standards and we are covered by extensive public liability insurance. Risk assessments and method statements are reviewed for every event.

Certain responsibilities for the protection of the public and equipment and personnel working when hired lie with the event management. It is the responsibility of the event management to provide a weatherproof covered stage or marquee to protect our staff and equipment from the unpredictable British weather. Security barriers such as secured 2 meter high Haras fencing should be supplied to completely separate the 'back-stage' area from the public access. The back stage area often contains danger to the public such as the generator, fuel and high voltage equipment, valuable performers musical equipment and stage / pa equipment. A single entrance / exit into the back stage area should be manned by security personnel at all times day and night. A performers and event staff ID system should be employed. A minimum of 1 meter high crowd control barrier to cover the stage frontage and PA wings must be supplied to remove public access to the stage and PA system from the front. Additional security and first aid personnel at the stage front is necessary. The supply of fire extinguishers (including Co2 for electrical fires) and fire safety equipment / personnel for the stage area is also the responsibility of the event management.

Suitable silenced and regulated power for the stage and stage equipment is the responsibility of the event management. Please call to discuss our power requirements we work closely with local generator companies that are reliable and supply suitable well maintained equipment. Event site power, lighting, toilets and sanitary equipment for both male and female staff must be supplied by the event management for the duration of the event including set up and pack down time. Food and refreshments including a minimum of 1 hot meal per day per member of stage / pa crew must be supplied by the event management.


'Back-line' is a single set of band equipment that lives on the stage throughout the event. A 'back-line' usually comprises of a high quality 5 piece drum kit, 1 guitar speaker cabinet with built in amplifier and a bass guitar amplifier / speaker combination. The provision of a 'back-line' is the responsibility of the event management and is recommended if more than one live band performs on the stage. The use of a 'back-line' speeds up change over from one band to the next and gives the event a professional appearance also minimising musical equipment stored around the back stage area. Performing drummers are requested to bring their own 'breakables' that usually consist of cymbals, kick drum pedal and snare drum. If you need any help with this or any of the above please get in touch.

Experience has brought together a reliable team of recommended professional companies that regularly work together providing the essential event services from marquees, 'back-line rental and security, silenced generator hire to portable toilet & security fencing suppliers. If you require us to source and quote for other event services please contact us for details.


Such as lightning, heavy rainfall & wet ground, snow, ice and strong winds will delay access and the deployment of the stage and may render the stage unsafe and unusable.


These documents are provided to satisfy the legal requirements of local health and safety authorities and event organisers. Most of the documents are reviewed regularly and some such as for insurance or Portable Appliance Testing are renewed annually so please request most recent valid documents that are not available to download in our Health & Safety Pack here.


Our pack contains:


This is an essential read


Is a continual study to identify all potential risks whilst at work to both employees and the general public it lists steps that we are taking to minimise or remove the identified potential risks.


Our Method Statement is a step by step description of required procedures when working at your event from the point of arriving on site to when we pack down and leave.


PAT test certificate verifies that all the electrical equipment supplied by us has been tested annually to ensure it is suitable and safe to use.


Public Liability Insurance is necessary to cover us for any accidental damage to property or any accident or injury that may occur whilst at work.


Certificates of training in the safe erection and operation of our equipment.


Is supplied by us to the event organiser / heath & safety authority on completion of the deployment of our stage. This document is signed by the event management / health and safety authority once final safety checks have been made and this verifies that they are satisfied the stage is safe and fit for use.