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The ADJ PinPoint LED Gobo Projector NEW - £30 (2 available)

Lighting - Party Power PA, DJ & Disco Equipment Hire ADJ PinPoint LED Gobo Projector Lighting - Party Power PA, DJ & Disco Equipment Hire ADJ PinPoint LED Gobo Projector

The ADJ PinPoint Gobo is a battery powered or mains GOBO projector powered by a 10-Watt cool white LED. Its small and lightweight so is very versatile and can be positioned anywhere to maximise the projected image or texture. We can provide custom gobo's for projection onto any wall floor or other surface for advertising your business at a corporate event or for delicate texture and pattern at your wedding. It includes 4 standard removable GOBOs designed for weddings, 5 color gels and a frost filter to defuse the beam for wider washes of light.



The NEW 2015 ADJ Starburst is an LED sphere effect that rotates to your music while shooting out super-sharp, multi-color beam effects including UV. With a light source consisting of five 15W HEX (RGBWA+UV) LEDs, the super bright Starburst provides access to a larger selection of colours including UV than ever before from a single unit. The Starburst offers great flexibility and creativity to mesmerise your audience with unique hues and attention-grabbing effects. This amazing light can be controlled by DMX, or a choice of sound activated preset programs or auto run. Auto run mode gives manual control over colour, direction and speed of rotation, strobe, UV function and full dimming to adjust brightness. So if you want a white mirror ball rotating slowly or a stunning self contained light-show with a difference the ADJ Starburst LED is it!

Technical Specification
  • 5 x 15W 6-in-1 HEX RGBWY+UV LEDs (Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow & Purple)
  • Produces 34 crisp, bright beams
  • Beam Angle: 1 Degree
  • 13 DMX Channels
  • 3 operational modes: Auto Run, Sound Active, DMX Controlled
  • Stand Alone or Master-Slave Set-Up
  • IEC Power Cord Daisy Chain 20 units @ 120V
  • Multi-voltage operation: AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 12.5" x 12.5" x 16.25" / 318 x 318 x 412.5mm
  • Weight: 8 lbs / 3.65 kgs
  • Power Consumption: 55W



The Spherion White LED produces an effect that is similar to a modern Mirror Ball. It features five bright 3-Watt white LED sources that project sharp beams of light from 116 lenses that rotate and fill an entire room. Ideal for weddings and the first dance to add that traditional but modern ballroom sophistication and romantic atmosphere. This versatile and lightweight unit includes rubber feet and a removable hanging bracket so the unit can be set on a floor or table or stylish aluminium truss pedestal stand or hung from the ceiling or lighting stand. (winch lighting stands and pedestals are available as additional extras, or the Spherion can be hired as extra light to compliment our MP3 Party Packages or Party Lighting Packages that include a lighting stand).

Technical Specification
  • Produces razor sharp beams from 116 lenses that rotate from a high output white LED source that fill a dance floor, ceiling or wall
  • Beams of light slowly rotate 360 degrees (continuous rotation - not sound active)
  • Beam Angle: 270 degrees
  • Low heat output
  • Runs extremely cool! - NO Duty Cycles! - Run all night!
  • Power Draw: 27W Max
  • Multi voltage: 120V~230V, 50/60Hz (IEC input only)
  • Long life LEDs (50,000 hr. rating)
  • Includes rubber feet and a removable hanging bracket (set on floor/table or hang on ceiling)
  • LED Source: 5x 3-Watt White LEDs
  • USA Model: 120V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz Switchable
  • Europe Model: 230V/50Hz only
  • Dimensions (LxWXH): 12.75"x8"x16.75" / 320x190x422mm
  • Weight: 11 lbs. / 5 kg.

CHAUVET INTIMIDATOR™ SPOT 70W LED 350 MOVING HEAD - £45 each (4 available)

Audio Mobile Stage Hire - chauvet intimidator spot 70w led 350 moving head Audio Mobile Stage Hire - chauvet intimidator spot 70w led 350 moving head

The latest in LED DMX moving lights. Intimidator Spot 350 is the most powerful LED spot in the Intimidator line. A 75-watt LED combined with superior optics makes this fixture considerably brighter than most 90-watt LED fixtures currently on the market and brighter than 250W discharge lamps. This feature packed moving head has a motorized focus for clear crisp, rotating gobos and colours. A three-facet rotating prism splits the beam for great effects and to cover a larger area while interchangeable gobos allow for custom looks.

INTIMIDATOR GOBO DESIGN - AMS can design and supply bespoke metal or glass gobo's with most logo's and images to personalise your corporate product launch or themed event please contact us for a quote here.


Technical Specification
  • DMX channels: 8 or 14
  • DMX connectors: 3-pin
  • Pan & tilt: 540° / 270°
  • Pan & tilt ranges: 540°, 360°, 180° pan / 270°, 180°, 90° tilt
  • Colors: 8 + white, split colors, continuous scroll at variable speeds
  • Gobos: 7, rotating, interchangeable, indexing, slot-n-lock, gobo shake, continuous scroll at variable speeds
  • Gobo size: 24 mm outside, 20 mm image, 1.1 mm max thickness
  • Light source: 1 white 75 W (17 A) LED 50,000 hrs
  • Strobe rate: 0 - 20 Hz
  • Zoom angle: 12°- 17°
  • Illuminance (12°): 9,490 lux @ 2 m
  • Power linking: 3 units @ 120 V / 7 units @ 230 V
  • Input voltage: Auto-ranging 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Power and current: 272 W, 2.2 A @ 120 V 60 Hz
  • Power and current: 285 W, 1.2 A @ 230 V 50 Hz
  • Weight: 22.7 lbs (10.3 kg)
  • Size: 10.6 x 13.4 x 15.4 in (268 x 340 x 392 mm)
  • Approvals: CE

DL55 250mW 4 LENS DOUBLE RED + GREEN DMX DMX512 LASER - £35 (1 available)

Audio Mobile Stage Hire - DL55 250mW 4 LENS DOUBLE RED + GREEN DMX DMX512 LASER

The DL55 four tunnel red and 4 green lasers in 1 unit offering great value and versatility. The DL55 laser has, more than 100 laser patterns, over 300 laser effects. Different working modes have different program. Includes four working modes as DMX, Sound Active, AUTO and Master-Slave Control for different applications.

Technical Specification
  • Voltage: AC110V-130V/200V-250V, 50HZ-60HZ, Fuse: 2A/250V
  • Rated Power: 50W
  • Laser: 25+25mW@532nm, Green DPSS laser, 100+100mW@650nm, Red DPSS laser
  • Working Modes: DMX, Sound Active, AUTO, Master-Slave
  • DMX Control Channel: 7 channels
  • Graphics & Effects: more than 100 patterns, over 300 effects
  • Size: L*W*H=600*180*150mm
  • Weight: 6.5Kg
  • Interface: 3 pins XLR jack for DMX or Maser-Slave linking
  • Safety Capacity: Sound active mode with the function of shut-off if there is no music.
  • Master/Slave mode (over ten slave units) and DMX512 mode will shut off laser automatically without trigger signal.


Audio Mobile Stage Hire - chauvet intimidator spot 70w led 350 moving head

The latest and brightest LED technology suitable for use outdoor (IP67) for architectural lighting or festival stage.

MARTIN MX4 SCANNERS - £35 each (2 available)

Audio Mobile Stage Hire - MARTIN MX4 SCANNERS

The MX-4 is a powerful big brother to the MX-1, a cutting edge scanner with a bright 150 watt discharge 6000 hour lamp, offering plenty of power for today's DJ's and ideal for use in larger club environments and stage shows. This futuristic scanner features individual colour & gobo wheels (19 gobos, 15 colors/2 split colors + open white). And an ultra-fast shutter has been added for extreme strobing effects. The MX-4 offers not only a revolutionary design, but increased effect possibilities with an expanded arsenal of color and pattern combinations thanks to individual rotating color and gobo wheels.

It can be controlled via any standard DMX 512 controller, function totally self-contained, reacting in time with the music or operate in stand-alone mode, without the need for external control signals.

Technical Specification
Color and gobo -19 gobos + open + blackout 15 dichroic colors + 2 dichroic color splits + open white
Shutter - Separate shutter, strobes from 1.5 to 13.5Hz
Movement - Microstep driven elliptic mirror Pan: 230o Tilt: 76.5o
Focus - Manual focus 16o focused beam angle
Cooling - High speed fan cooling
Lamp - Included Phillips CDM 150W, 6000 h, 85 Lm/W, 4000K Optional GE Arcstream, 150W, 6000 h, 77 Lm/W, 4000K
Control interface - Control via DMX-512 protocol Programmable: 6/1 channel DMX controlled Martin 2518 DMX controller or MC-1 controller (direct access for "single fader operation")
Control mode - Stand-alone w/music trigger Stand-alone w/auto trigger Master/slave mode Single fader operation
Special dipswitch settings - Wide/narrow movements Econo-mode to extend lamp life Invert pan Invert tilt Invert color/gobo wheel Invert, randomize color/gobo wheel Slow movement
AC-Supply - 230 / 250 V 50-60 Hz
Measurements - Size without standard bracket (L x W x H): 533 x 267 x 263 mm (21 x 10.5 x 10.4 in)
Weight: 8.8 kg (19.4 lb)

LED PAR 36 - QUAD TRUSS LIGHTERS - £25 each or £140 for 8 (12 available)

Audio Mobile Stage Hire - LED PAR 36 - QUAD TRUSS LIGHTERS

The LED Par 36 Colour Beam light is designed as stage flood lighting or used at top and bottom of quad truss pillars as architectural truss lighters that produce an amazing visual effect. These are powerful lightweight and highly functional units with low power usage and heat emissions so therefore can be safely positioned near drapes and decor as up-lighters. Each Par 36 can be set to any of the 9 popular colour choices for uplighting or offer full colour mixing pulsing, chasing, diming and strobing functions using DMX control. Available colours are - Red, Green, Blue, Lilac, Turquoise, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Pale Green.

OPTIKINETICS SOLAR 250 PROJECTORS (with effect attachments) - £45 each (4 available)


Solar 250 showing 6" Picture Wheel & 1/3 rpm Rotator

The Industry psychedelic & effect lighting, the Solar 250 projector has played a starring role at all the best parties and events! This powerful and limitlessly versatile effect projector has hundreds of colourful rotating picture & oil wheels & effect cassettes available. When used in combination with motorised prisms & lens attachments this projector is unbeatable in its versatility and creativity. Each Solar 250 projector has 3 inbuilt 12v power outlets that it uses to power up to 3 interchangeable motorised effects at the same time.

Available Effect Accessories Include - Click to show/hide
Panoramic Rotator / \

Panoramic Rotator - A revolving 3 sided prism that is fitted in front of the main focal lens. It splits the projected source image and sends it erratically around a 360 degree axis.

"Flip Flop" Prism - A 3 faced prismatic lens that revolves about the vertical axis but pivots erratically as it rotates. It splits and distorts the source image into three and systematically throws it outward and draws it into the centre.

Kaleidoscope Lens - Mirrored lens splits any source image into six and projects it as a typical Kaleidoscope.

Multi-Mirror - A rotating parabolic faceted mirror that is positioned in front of the focal lens to animate, multiply and project the chosen image over a wide area similar to a rotating mirror ball. This effect adds a 3D depth to the projected image.


6" Rotating Image Projection Wheels - AMS stock a variety of image wheels and oil wheels distortion and textured wheels. If we do not have what you want in stock we can make it for you to your own design or order from a large range direct from Optikinetiks.


AMS can design and supply bespoke 6" projection image wheels as an effective promotional tool for your event or product launch. Project your logos, images and themed designs onto any surface at your event. AMS will follow your brief and use your choice of logos, photographs, patterns and colours to design and build an effective advertisement and individual theme at your event. The proof will be sent to you for approval and the final image is digitally printed and is fitted in a specialist 6" rotating wheel housing. The wheel housing is fixed onto a motorised spindle on the solar 250 and is rotated around the centre-point at 1/3 rpm. The image fluidly passes between the lamp and lens and the rotating image is projected. Motorised mirrors and prisms can be fitted to the lens to add further visual effects. Please contact us for a quotation here.

CHAUVET DMX LED 4 PAR BAR - £60 each (4 available)

Audio Mobile Stage Hire - CHAUVET DMX LED 4 PAR BAR

The 4BAR™ is a complete LED wash light system that can be quickly mounted on stage truss or on floor standing tripods. This is a 15-channel DMX controlled system that includes a three-pedal foot switch so performers can opt to trigger their own light programs and blackout from the stage floor. Each of the four low-profile lights can be positioned independently. With 108 ultra bright red, green and blue LEDs per light, the 4BAR™ offers built-in automated and sound activated programs including 'strobe' chase & 'black out' accessible by DMX or foot switch.

Technical Specification
  • 15-channel DMX-512 LED wash light system
  • RGB control of 4 separate lights
  • Built-in automated programs via master/slave or DMX
  • Built-in sound activated programs via master/slave or DMX
  • Includes footswitch with 33ft cable, tripod with bag and transport case for lights
  • Independent positioning of each light
  • Low-profile lights are 1.7in deep
  • Adjustable stand from 56in to 91in

GALAXY MULTIPOINT 80Mw RED / 40Mw GREEN LASER - £25 each (6 available)

Audio Mobile Stage Hire - >GALAXY MULTIPOINT 80Mw RED / 40Mw GREEN LASER

This high quality DMX unit with red and green lasers gives an amazing effect similar to one when a light is shone on a mirror ball generating thousands of laser points over a 180° axis that move to music or DMX control.

ABSTRACT GLADIATOR DMX - £25 (2 available)

Audio Mobile Stage Hire - ABSTRACT GLADIATOR DMX

The DMX controlled Gladiator Revolution enhances the scanner effect by deflection swinging and rotating the beam off a mirrored barrel, allowing six beams to spin up, down, left and right, or even diagonally in either direction. The unit features a combined colour/gobo wheel with 8 effects.

Chauvet PAR 9 FX (R,G,B+UV) LED Par & White Strobe Light £25

Chauvet PAR 9 FX (R,G,B+UV) LED Par & White Strobe Light  Party Power PA, DJ & Disco Equipment Hire

Zoom PAR Can - 18 x 8W RGBW LED - £30

Zoom PAR Can - 18 x 8W RGBW LED Party Power PA, DJ & Disco Equipment Hire

This cast aluminium PAR can boasts 18 high power LEDs and a zoom function to enable the beam angle of the light effect to be controlled. A wide wash or focussed beam for highlighting groups or individuals can be achieved with the zoom function. Ideal for stage productions, concerts or conferences.

HIGH POWER LED DMX Par 64 COLOUR FLOOD - £25 each (12 available)

Audio Mobile Stage Hire - HIGH POWER LED DMX Par 64 COLOUR FLOOD

Each unit features ultra bright red, green and blue 1W LEDs which produce a wide range of colour effects. Designed for easy installation, safe, energy efficient and long life operation. with DMX control.

400w UV CANNON - £35 (2 available)

Audio Mobile Stage Hire - 400w UV CANNON

This powerful 400w UV Cannon or theatrical black light or halloween lighting effect for using at UV parties or with our UV bubble or snow machine!


Snow Machine DMX - snow fluids are extra £40 (1 Available)

Audio Mobile Stage Hire - SNOW MACHINE

This snow effect machine features a long cabled remote control with on/off and adjustment control for the intensity and size of the snowflakes. A powerful blower outputs to a distance of up to 10m depending on elevation and weather conditions. The additional snow fluid is available normal or UV in 5L containers that last approximately 30-40 minutes at full output. The 5 litre snow fluid containers are simply exchanged to continue the effect. Recommended for use with one of our winch T-bar lighting stands the raise this heavy unit to a safe and effective operating height.

5L snow fluid - £10

5L UV Snow Fluid - £15 (use with our 400w UV Cannon)

1500w DMX SMOKE MACHINE - £35 (2 available)

Audio Mobile Stage Hire - 1500w DMX SMOKE MACHINE

This 1500W, high-powered smoke machine can fill a venue in seconds. Producing around 20,000 Cu Ft of smoke in the space of a minute, via the timer output control or the 1 channel DMX, makes this an ideal item for people who require a lot of smoke in a short space of time. A wired remote with timer is also supplied.

We only supply Martin Premium smoke fluid for use with this machine at an additional £10 per litre. Please DO NOT use cheeper fluids they all produce lesser density of smoke effect and impurities block up the machine damaging it permanently.

The unit also features MIRROR piping patent technology to reduce the rate of jamming and a special microcomputer temperature control system to preserve a high temperature allowing the unit to run efficiently all night long. Its robust design makes it ideal for use in a variety of environments including nightclubs, stage shows and theatres.

900w Low Level Fogger 'Dry Ice Effect' - £35 (2 available)

Lighting - Party Power PA, DJ & Disco Equipment Hire DMX Low Level Fogger by Acme Our 900w Low Level Fogger uses our high density smoke fluid that is cooled by a hopper of ice cubes to produce a cold heavy fog which creeps along the floor similar to dry ice. This effect is ideal for spooky Halloween party or theatrical effects A remote control is supplied and allows manual or timer functions where the fog output and the time delay can be adjusted . Not recommended for use in hot venues or with under floor heating as it causes the smoke to dissipate and fill the room. The customer will need to purchase there own bags of ice cubes approximately 99p per Kg from local supermarkets. The ice hopper holds about 1Kg of ice.

We only supply Martin Premium smoke fluid for use with this machine at an additional £10 per litre. Please DO NOT use cheeper fluids they all produce lesser density of smoke effect and impurities block up the machine damaging it permanently. Additional Fluid is priced at £10 per litre (lasts approximately 1 hour continuous use).


Audio Mobile Stage Hire - POWER BUBBLE MACHINE

This powerful bubble machine will produce and blow the 1000's of bubbles into the air. Ideal for outdoor events and parties! Continuous cascades of 1500 bubbles per minute can be whipped up and dispersed by the slightest breeze. UV bubble fluid produces glow in the dark bubbles that can be seen when used with our 400w UV Cannon.

Standard Bubble Fluid - £5 per litre

UV Bubble Fluid - £10 per litre

*WARNING - Although suitable for indoor events continuous use will make smooth floors slippery!

VAPYR-900 Haze Machine 900W - £40 (Including 1L Haze Fluid)

Lighting - Party Power PA, DJ & Disco Equipment Hire haze machine by Acme Compact yet very capable haze generator with 900W heater and DC fan for accurate control of air-flow. Operated by the onboard digital panel, DMX512 signal or the supplied timer remote control for versatile control over the powerful haze output. Designed to enhance light shows and provide an atmospheric scene for live events and parties. Additional quality haze fluid £10 per litre.


3m winch

Ultimax or Gorilla 3m Winch Pro tripod stands for speakers or lighting T-bars - 50Kg max load, 35mm diameter pole, SUREloc safety system, braked winch, supplied with 1.5m T-bar or 50mm Truss Clamp £15 each (4 available)

4m winch

ADJ 4m Heavy Duty Winch Stand / T-bar or 50mm Truss Clamp included (Max Load 100Kg) £25 each (4availablele)

2 x 4m winch

2 x ADJ 4m Heavy Duty Winch Stands & 2 x 50mm Truss Clamp supporting up to 6m span of 50mm quad Truss (Max Load 200Kg) - £60 (2 available)

G clamp

50mm Lighting G Clamp & Safety

Wire - £5 each (many available in a variety of drops)

Watch Our Light Show below

Our stage lighting and effects can be hired individually or as a package for a stunning light-show designed to meet the requirements of for your event. Please contact us for a quote or package deal.

Our lighting engineers will install, program and operate your chosen lighting designed for your event - please contact us for a quote here.

We are changing all our lamp based lighting to the latest ultra bright LED technology saving on power consumption placed on generator based event power and the environment!


Professional Sound Activated Stage Lighting Package - From £160

Professional basic sound activated stage lighting package where a lighting engineer is not required.

Professional DMX Control Stage Lighting Package With Lighting Engineer - From £300

Our professional DMX lighting engineers will design install and operate a stunning light-show to meet the requirements of for your event.

Full DMX Lighting Show Package With Venue Magic & Lighting Engineer - £500

Choose as many lights as you like from all our available lighting stock detailed below for an amazing show designed installed and controlled by a dedicated lighting engineer using the amazing Venue Magic software & hardware control! 3-4 hours of setting up time must be allowed in your event timetable for this package.


The following DMX equipment is only available for hire with our DMX lighting and Lighting Engineers as an event show package. Please contact us with your requirements for a quotation here.


VenueMagic DMX+AV is not just your industry standard show lighting and AV control software, it sets the standard! DMX is not just for lighting anymore, with combined timeline editing, audio and video mixing and editing and sophisticated DMX lighting control into one complete, easy-to-use package. For good measure there are playlists, programmable sliders, DMX routing, DMX recording, MIDI control, beat detection and a whole lot more. For hire installed on PC or Mac Book Pro.

Show Hide Features Of Venue Magic

Video Playback

VenueMagic's video feature allows you to synchronize your light show with any video file or DVD track. Edit your favorite videos in a single VenueMagic track and play them back to back. Supports dual monitors.

Lighting Effects

A built in library of lighting effects makes it easy to create your ultimate light show in no time. Simply select the effect you like and drag it onto the timeline where you want it. Invent your own lighting effects using using VenueMagic's envelope editor. Sync chaser effects to the Beat Tapper to give you complete real time control of chaser sequences.

Audio Editing

VenueMagic's powerful multi-track audio editing capability lets you put together your soundtrack inside VenueMagic as you build your show. Layer in effects such as reverb, echo, and flanging. There's no need to mix down your sound clips using a separate sound editing package. Supports MP3, Wave (.wav) and Windows Media (.wma) files.

MIDI Control

Command your whole show using your favorite MIDI input device. Cue music and timelines and control light and volume levels on the fly. You can also send your synchronized MIDI events to other MIDI devices.


Sync timeline playback to external MIDI clock and MIDI LTC sources.

Virtual DJTM Plugin

With the VenueMagic Virtual DJ plugin, you can sync-up and control VenueMagic timelines entirely from Virtual DJ through a programmable VenueMagic control console. Works with VenueMagic running on the same computer or remotely over Ethernet.

What you can do with VenueMagic:

  • Create spectacular shows with precisely synchronized audio and DMX lighting using a powerful, easy to understand graphical timeline-based editor.
  • Mix and edit multi-track audio for playback.
  • Control playback, lamp level and audio levels from an external MIDI, DMX or joystick device.
  • Run an unlimited number of timelines simultaneously. Overlapping channels are merged together.
  • Fully automate show playback with the date/time scheduler.
  • Perfectly blend on-the-fly manual lighting adjustments with playback of pre-built timelines.
  • Control other devices using MIDI messages.


  • Multi-track timeline-based show design
  • Unlimited number of audio and lamp control tracks
  • Sync to external MIDI clock and LTC signals
  • Multi-track Audio playback and editing
  • Single track Video playback
  • Simultaneous audio output through multiple audio devices
  • Control 512 DMX channels (1024 with DMX2+AV)
  • Multiple DMX interfaces supported:
    • VM-USBDMX-01
    • Enttec Open DMX USB
    • Enttec DMX USB Pro
    • DMX4ALL
    • Velleman K8062
    • Artnet
    • MyDMX
    • DasLight/Sunlight SIUDI6
  • DMX Input (Artnet and Enttec DMX USB Pro only)
  • DMX, MIDI and Joystick input capability
  • Full-featured playlist
  • Programmable sliders
  • Programmable cue buttons
  • DMX channel routing and merging
  • Hundreds of pre-built fixture profiles for lots of manufacturers
  • Custom DMX fixture profile designer
  • Custom lamp chaser designer
  • Envelope editor for designing custom precision lighting effects
  • Event scheduler for long-term scheduling of timeline playback
  • Timeline markers for labeling important parts of timeline. Easy navigation between markers.
  • Choose from a library of pre-designed lamp effects or custom design one of your own
  • Ten levels of exclusive foreground cues
  • Unlimited background cues.

For more information visit -



This lightweight combined transmitter or receiver for operating lighting fixtures wirelessly at 2.4Ghz, using DMX software control or a lighting console. A single unit can be employed to control types of wireless lights or a pair of WDMX-2 units can be employed as a transmitter-receiver link for any DMX application. The wireless transmission of the DMX signal is a onvenient solution where DMX cabling over long distances is difficult or not preferred.

Show Hide Features Of WDMX-2
  • Power supply 240Vac, 50Hz (IEC)
  • Carrier frequency 2.400 - 2.525GHz
  • Wireless range 200m max. (line of sight)
  • DMX connection XLRM in, XLRF out
  • Antenna connection SMA
  • Controls ID set button & indicator
  • Dimensions 138 x 46 x 155mm
  • Weight 400g

AMS also hire - analogue lighting consoles, DMX boosters & splitters, high quality 3 pin DMX cables with our lighting engineers for a complete event lighting solution!